5 tips to drive greener and feel better

It’s rather easy to reduce your carbon footprint when you’re behind the wheel. It will help you feel better and your wallet will thank you.

Traffic is your arch-enemy 

Being stuck in traffic is not only irritating, it creates more CO2. If you let your engine run for only 20 seconds, it burns more gas and emits more emissions than simply turning it off and starting it up when you are ready to get going again. Also, don’t forget the many apps that can help you beat heavy traffic. And if you still get stuck in a traffic jam, just shift to neutral and be patient.

Go easy on the A/C 

Another useful tip. Don’t overdo it with the air conditioning and open the windows once in a while. Everyone in the car will be thankful for a breath of fresh air to cool down their crimson faces. And if you need to park, find a shaded parking space and use a windshield sunshade to help your car stay cooler. 

Women In Car Rideshare In City Of Los Angeles
Woman Passenger On Road Trip In Convertible Car

Haste makes waste

Say goodbye to gung-ho driving because another great way to save petrol is to avoid sudden starts and stops. You also want to respect the speed limit, so whenever possible, use your vehicle’s cruise control features. Did you know that driving at more than 55 mph (89 km/h) reduces your fuel efficiency by almost 15%?

The more, the merrier

Have you ever tried carpooling? It’s a great opportunity to meet new people. They will be forever grateful you saved them from a stuffy trip on public transport. And you will be ever so happy to share your latest playlist “Sound effects from the Sea”. Who knows… they might even like it!

Give your tires some extra care

Luckily, when you rent a car with us you get a vehicle with tires inflated to the right pressure. That alone will improve your fuel consumption by up to 3% compared with under-inflated tires.

It doesn’t mean your tires should be overlooked, especially if you are covering long distances. Occasionally, pull in at a gas station where you can check the tires in case they have lost PSI and need extra air, while enjoying a coffee break. Everyone sure needs their specific kind of fresh air!

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